firmed by silence,
                          your aloofness magnifies.
dark skin enlightening,
                               thick lips emboldening
tightlipped thoughts,
                             eyes seeing through time,
cut to the quick
                        of consciousness,
where words and wisdom
                              fail to convince.
your serenity completes itself,
                                           hermetically sealed
in stone,
             your senses remain alert
through the ages,
                         your enduring aliveness
the great gift
                  art can give.

your eternal youth
                  enables me to age gracefully,
re-learn love
                 when all seems hateful.
correct my asymmetrical life
                                        with your symmetry.
all becoming false, 
                           teach the truth of being.                               
your eyebrows are cunning
                                     with enigma,
as beauty always is
                           when it is loved.