Table of Contents, Issue 9



The Jailer by Liesl Jobson

Heat by Nance Knauer

Metaphysics by Wayne Lewis

The Dolphin King By Kuzhali Manickavel

Ratface by Daniel Post

The Day Independence Came by Chika Unigwe

Breakfront by Lesley C. Weston



A Fera by Astrid Cabral


Aspects of the Poem by Kelly Cherry


The Eternal Predicament by Thomas Chimes


La Última Cena Catedral de Cusco by Odi Gonzales


burdens i, burdens ii, burdens iii by Donald Kuspit


flurry of beloved i, flurry of beloved ii by Donald Kuspit


Búfalos by Eduardo Moran


Historia by Antonio Preciado Bedoya


Fin De Año, Señor Forastero by Augusto Rodriguez


Word Processing at Fredda Brown's Farmhouse in Ghent, New York by Gary Sledge



The Last Supper Cathedral of Cusco Translated by Lynn Levin


Five Poems Translated by Alexis Levitin and  Fernando Iturburu


The Battle of Maldon Translated by David R. Slavitt



Visual Arts

Interview with Thomas Chimes

Diaspora and Identity: The Modern Jewish Painter by Larry Silver Part 2 of 2




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