Table of Contents, Issue 7



Palomar by Jennifer Anthony

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Read Your Mother’s Diary by Cheryl Chambers

Postcards from November by Liesl Jobson

Engorged by Leonard Kress

Happiness Runs by Lesley C. Weston



Night Vowels by Kelly Cherry

Deluge by Donald Kuspit

Ekphrastic Poetry by Donald Kuspit

The Token Token by Mark Rudman

Sixes and Sevens by Stephen Sandy

What is Poetry About? by David R. Slavitt



From Canto Quinto of Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso Translated by David R. Slavitt



The Per Contra Interview, Rick Moody with Miriam N. Kotzin

The Per Contra Interview, Jean-Claude Bradley with Bill Turner

Politically Correct? Steve Vivian, The Per Contra Interview with Bill Turner


Visual Arts

Still Against The Grain:  Thomas Chimes’s Commemoration Of The Original Avant-Garde, Or Of The Old Exceptions That Have Become The Rule, Or Of The Underground That Has Become Aboveground by Donald Kuspit

Interview with Donald Kuspit

Rembrandt and the Jews, Revisited by Larry Silver

New Photography by Peter Groesbeck



The Look by Jessica Taboada




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