Table of Contents, Issue 4



Spoils of the Death Road by Sefi Atta

Tines by Russell Bittner

Hypergraphia by Kathy Fish

Something Nice From London by Petina Gappah

The Edge of the Pot by Liesl Jobson



Three Poems by George Garrett

A Poe Taster by Daniel Hoffman

The Dictionary of Suicide by Sean Farragher

Two Poems by Lynn Levin



From Book III of De Rerum Natura of Titus Lucretius Carus Translated by David R. Slavitt



Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor, The Per Contra Interview with Bill Turner


Visual Arts

Interview with Alex Katz

Interview with Eric Fischl

Interview with April Gornik

Four Hundred Years Young by Larry Silver

When the Spirit Moves - Photography by Abioseh Michael Porter

The Tibetan Photo Project, Culture Preserved Through the Lens 



Immortal Longings:  Suicide of Honor in Seneca, Shakespeare and Mishima by Paul D. Green

Banking on Mercy by Ann Sitarz

Stories Well Told by Chris Nickson

Clipboard Security Test - Internet Explorer by Vic Ferri 


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