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Michael Somoroff, the Per Contra Interview with Miriam N. Kotzin


The point of my story is that reality is dimensional and truth is relative, but not in the obvious sense. Not only is truth a relative experience as it pertains to each of us; it is an experience of some psychic fact that is all-inclusive. It is an experience of our commonality, as well. Truth always indicates sharing because by definition it is always the same- it is essential. And we all share in it. There is of course your truth and my truth, both different, yet factual for each of us. But there is also “our” truth, which is real as well. It is the glue, however intangible, that binds us all while at the same time creating reality. The great German philosopher Peter Berger pointed to this in his important book The Social Construction of Reality. The dimensionality of this reality matrix is infinite and connected to endlessness because the slightest gesture on the part of any person completely modifies the entire composition of what my teacher labeled the “To Be.” It is a state of endless sharing.  In 1956 Mark Rothko made the comment that, “As soon as an act is made by an individual, it becomes universal.” I believe this to be true.

MK: Michael, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  And now, your next project?

MS: Well, of course there’s always lots on the drawing board. Illumination I will be coming down in January. The Chapel has approached me with the idea of giving a lecture sometime during the month about that work, as there have been lots of inquiries about the ideas behind it and how it was made and so forth. Also there have been a number of requests for commissions—the most recent for a large company in Europe. It’s the kind of commission that I find particularly satisfying, as it contains a lot of marketing elements and allows for some real problem solving and great outreach.

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. It’s really a privilege and I hope the readership is able to find something in it that touches them. If so, it was time well spent by all. Thank you again.

MK:  I’m sure they will.  I know that I did.  Thank you.





"Illumination I - 3D Animation Video Frame" Photo © Michael Somoroff