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Audio Visuals: Juno Reactor's Voice and the "Vertical Story"

"I was really pleased until last week.  Then I listened to the "Kingdom of Heaven" and the "King Kong" soundtracks and I said 'Oh my God.'  I was really happy with it for a long time; I was pleased I'd got my orchestra badge on.  Then I heard what these guys were doing and I thought, 'Jesus, I need a few more films to get to that audience.'"

What's on the agenda for Juno Reactor in the near future?  "I want to do more films.  I've got three or four more things for kicking off the film in Japan and I'm doing another album.  We're always doing live gigs.  We're doing one in Japan in October.  [Former Billy Idol Guitarist] Steve Stevens is coming along and playing guitar for the first time and we're enlarging the band a bit more, and on "Pistolero" we're going to bring on about twenty Japanese Guitarists."

And that new album?  "I want do an album where the worlds of electronic and rock meet."  Lucky for rock.








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